┬áhe took exactly the same positions as he would anywhere else. He writes that he called for “a move away from one-sided austerity in Europe” as well as for a tax on financial transactions and an asset tax to force the wealthy to bear part of the costs of the crisis.

Conspiracy theorists may be disappointed to read Trittin’s description of Bilderberg as a banal get-together. “My impression was that it differed little from many other conferences where managers, academics and politicians meet,” he writes. He sees no problem with the fact that it takes place in secret.

He defended himself against criticism of his participation, saying it was “wrong” to impose bans on who one should meet with. “It’s not about who I meet, but what I tell them,” he writes. “Green convictions have to be communicated precisely in places where they are not yet actively represented.”

Posted on 6 June, 2012, 2:58pm.