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Oil Inc motto: Lie until caught!

Remember that the people hired to oversee oil leaks in the Gulf over the past 30 or more years were encouraged, told to accept whatever the oil companies said? It takes a while to root that kind of behavior out. So, naturally, oil companies have continued to “lie” - oops we meant 4,000 gallons, our bad - won’t (grin) happen again (lol).

Out of front page and 5/7/11 PM news does not mean that oil companies have all of a sudden got clean.

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Gulf Spill - Source?

the source of the oil spill last weekend that came ashore in Louisiana. Located in West Delta Block 117, and operated by Anglo-Suisse, the spill reportedly occurred for a few hours last Saturday afternoon during operations to permanently plug and abandon the well.
NRC database
reports show amounts spilled of 1.89 gallons, 1.33 gallons, and 0.5 gallons - a whopping total of 3.72 gallons spilled.
Can a 4-gallon spill of oil travel across 20 miles of the Gulf, come ashore across a 30-mile stretch of coast, and oil 1300 to 2700 feet of beach? Call us skeptical, but we don’t think so.